Bad Credit Truck Finance

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for a truck loan with bad credit. Bad credit happens to good people. Unfortunately, bad credit punishes people who are trying to repair their banking and credit history by barring them from truck loan approvals or even consideration.

If you happen to be someone who will be a good truck owner but have bad credit, get Savvy on the case.

Savvy has helped dozens of decent, hard-working Australians with bad credit find a fair deal on truck finance. We’ve not only found them decent rates and flexible terms on truck finance, but we've also helped people with bad credit finance all kinds of trucks, from box types, lorries, flatbeds and even semi-trailers. We also finance trucks purchased at dealers or private sales.

The financial professionals at Savvy don’t believe that bad credit should drag you down. We access over 25 of Australia’s best bad credit truck lenders so you can get the best deal possible. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about the overall higher interest rates that come with bad credit truck loans. That’s just the nature of the market. We do fight to make them as low as we possibly can. The good news is that 9 out of 10 applications are approved! Your chances look brighter than ever with Savvy.

Why Choose Savvy?

Great deals on bad credit truck finance

Savvy’s famous deals on bad credit truck loans can be yours!

New or used trucks OK

Savvy finances new or used trucks – the choice is yours!

Quick online quote

Interested? Get a FREE, no obligation quote. It only takes a few minutes.

9/10 applications approved

Stress less with Savvy – your application has every chance of approval!

Get truck insurance

Relax even more and let Savvy take care of your truck insurance premium with unbeatable prices.

100% Finance

Keep in mind that Savvy searches for truck loans with variable payment options and other extras. Approved applicants can look forward to 100% finance if required, a balloon payment (also known as a residual value payment) to offset regular repayments and weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments with fixed interest rates.

Improve Your Credit History

The upside to being approved and having good standing with a bad credit truck loan is that you’ll eventually go into the “correctible” credit category which is a pathway to good, clean credit reports. You’ll not only save money with Savvy, but improve your credit history just by paying off your truck in full and on time!

Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Remember, Savvy don’t just find great deals on truck finance. We’re also in the business of giving all our truck loan customers exceptional deals on truck insurance premiums. Savvy is your one stop shop for truck finance and insurance!

If you’re curious about how much you can save on your bad credit truck loan, fill out an online quote to get a clearer idea of where you stand. It’s FREE, has no obligation and only takes you minutes. Prefer to talk to a real person? Call one of our bad credit truck finance professionals on 1300 974 066  – You’ll be amazed with what you’ll find! Think truck finance, think Savvy!