Top Apps for Truckies

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 14:03

We live in the smartphone age. Everyone has smartphones and use them to help us find things out, automate tasks and keep us entertained. Though long haul trucking hasn’t changed much since the beginning, you can download apps that will make those unforgiving stretches just a little bit easier for you. Here are some of the best apps for truckies we’ve found.

Truckie’s Mate – iOS and Android, Free

Custom designed by truckies for truckies, this is has every feature you could ask for. It gives truck drivers instant access to accident help, roadside assistance, nearby truck stops, where to find local Western Star truck dealers and primers on driver fatigue laws and road rules in all the states and territories. The accident help feature captures all the information for the insurance company if you’ve had an accident, such as location, photos, witness details and third party information. It even emails the package to your insurance company!

My Truck Mate – iOS and Android, Free

This helps truck drivers with Caltex star cards plan their trips and save as much money as possible on fuel. They also get information on different fuel, prices, facilities and services at each truck stop and get the latest offers from Caltex and their network of petrol stations. You also get weather and traffic information plus a fun little game!

SmartTruck Route – iOS and Android, subscriptions start from $9.99USD

Originally released for the US market, SmartTruck GPS navigation helps truckies find the best, quickest and most truck-friendly routes in Australia. It helps you find specific truck routes according to your size, weight and HAZMAT level, guiding you through the right lanes with turn-by-turn voice instructions. You can even use the built-in voice control to set destinations without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

Logbook Checker – iOS and Android, $6.49

This is the ultimate logbook for your device, allowing drivers to check their driver work diary and make sure it’s compliant with legal requirements. It tells you exactly when you can drive next and how long you may drive before your next break is due. It’s also a guide to filling in your driver work diary correctly.

Camscanner – iOS, Android and Windows Phone, free and extra features subscription $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr (USD)

This app manages your documents and paperwork, “scanning” them into your phone or tablet using the camera. You can email docs, search easily without manual tagging and store them remotely in the cloud. It makes collaboration between you, other truckers and the admin staff easier than ever before. Subscriptions give you extra features such as OCR printouts, 5x more collaborators, password protection and connections to third party storage apps.

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