Commercial Truck Loans

Imagine a business truck loan that didn’t put a brake on your cash flow. What if a truck loan lets you pay off loan insurance and other extras in instalments as part of one loan package. What if there’s a truck loan that lets you claim back GST you paid for your truck on your BAS and even claim depreciation, interest payments and the fuel tax input credit? 

There is such a truck loan, and it’s called a chattel mortgage. A chattel mortgage is a simple and low-cost loan product that is available to businesses buying trucks, tankers, prime movers, cranes or forklifts for commercial use.

Chattel mortgages are highly customisable options for businesses looking to buy trucks, cranes and forklifts. Many businesses take out chattel mortgages to purchase new trucks and old trucks as well as plant and vehicles at private sales as well as dealerships.

This means you can finance 100% of your vehicle without the need for a deposit. Businesses and companies can finance more than the total value of the truck, crane or vehicle that also finances extended warranties, scheduled servicing and insurance. The financial professionals at Savvy know how vital cash flow is to a company’s bottom line. That’s why we find low rate and high benefit chattel mortgages for all our truck loan customers.

Why Choose Savvy?

The popular truck loan choice for business

Chattel mortgages are the business owner’s choice for truck loans. All come with low rates and flexible terms.

Claim GST, depreciation and interest payments

Get the GST spent on your truck back on your BAS. Ask your accountant to see how you can save.

Truck loans built your way

100% finance, balloon payments, variable loan terms – the choice is yours!

Free online application

Apply online free and get one of our financial professionals to find a loan that suits you

Fast approvals

Savvy’s technological advantage means fast approvals – often complete in the same day!

Low Interest Rates

A chattel mortgage is similar to a secured loan. A secured loan uses your truck or purchased vehicle as collateral or a security. Secured loans usually have lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans as the lender takes on less risk as a result. The upside to a chattel mortgage is that you gain ownership over the truck or vehicle immediately. The mortgage is removed when the loan is paid off.

Flexible Loan Terms

Chattel mortgages can have terms ranging from 12 months up to 7 years. In some cases, they can exceed 7 years. We can also structure a truck loan with a balloon payment to offset regular repayment amounts with a residual value lump sum due at the end of the loan term.

Savvy has ties to over 25 truck loan lenders that offer Australia’s best choices in truck chattel mortgages. Our team of truck finance professionals work hard to bring you the latest offers and most affordable truck loans on the market. It’s part of our promise to drive your dollar further.

Truck Insurance Options

We also help our customers find the cheapest truck insurance premiums. Click here for more information.

Interested in how you can save with a Savvy chattel mortgage for your truck, crane, prime mover or forklift purchase? Get an online quote here – it’s so simple and so easy. All quotes are 100% free and there’s no obligation to apply. To get a quote or apply over the phone, call 1300 974 066 and let Savvy help. Think truck finance, think Savvy!